Other Services

Our catering services start from the time you enter to this country for Hajj and Umrah, and it lasts until you complete all the rituals regarding the pilgrimage, and visiting places of historical and religious importance. We not only provide catering services in Makkah and Madinah, but all the areas in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that you visit at the guidance of your hajj group leader. Since we belong to this country and considered as a thought leader in its restaurant and catering sector, we will help you perform your Hajj and Umrah without having to worry a little bit about your food requirements.

We'll make sure you get properly nourished in order to perform all the duties in your pilgrimage, which requires strenuous journey on foot and vehicles among a vast ocean of people. Our familiarity with the holy cities and other related places during Hajj and Umrah help us choose the best location for facilitating catering services according to your convenience.
We can prepare and serve dishes for any nationality in line with their requirements, as we possess the expertise in operating a network of successful restaurants and catering services in the KSA over many years.  If you are a travel agency that takes a large number of pilgrims to this holy land every year, or you are a religious group that provide complete Hajj and Umrah services, we will provide you an affordable catering service that satisfies each believer with our quality and tasty food items. In addition, we have special meals particularly made for diabetic patients, and we can also prepare healthy dishes according to your any other specific requirements. As we are highly experienced in catering and restaurant business in this country, we know where and how to facilitate your food and beverages to satisfy the pilgrims without any hassle.

Our team comprising professional chefs, logistic experts, and facility management team is well-equipped to meet all your needs. From the selection of utensils, napkins, and other disposable items along with the quality and healthy ingredients of the food we provide, we give extra care and great attention to details to get rid of any hurdles you might come across regarding your meals anywhere or anytime during Hajj and Umrah.