Catering in Makkah

We put a premium on catering services for Makkah because it is where all kinds of rituals related to Hajj and Umrah are performed. A pilgrim has to go through several procedures to successfully and efficiently completes all tasks required. In a place where millions gather together throughout the year, it's a bit challenging to execute quality and affordable catering services, which demand the knowledge of demographical features and technology backing to take care of an effective catering procedure.

As an established restaurant network in the KSA, specialized in catering services for Makkah and Madinah, we know the ins and outs of Hajj and Umrah catering requirements. Our team comprising professional chefs, logistical experts, and facility management team headed by a visionary management is well-equipped to meet your needs. From the selection of utensils to the quality food we provide, we give great attention to details to do away with any hurdles you might come across during Hajj and Umrah.

Our catering service is not only focused on providing tasty meals in your tents or outdoors, but establish a relation with exceptional customer support and unusual camaraderie with the pilgrims. We reiterate our principle that we are not giving you ordinary catering services you get anywhere, but rather we serve you from our heart that reflects in the food we prepare and the services we provide.
There are many other great historical and religious places in Makkah that every pilgrim wants to visit, completing the rituals of Hajj and Umrah. Our catering service packages for Makkah cover these places as well; some of the key areas among them are the birthplace of the Holy Prophet, Jamrat al Mualla—where prophet's mother, wife and many great companions were buried— Cave of Hira, Cave of Thawr, etc.

Our customized food packages consider your physical and health conditions seriously. We have special meals particularly made for diabetic patients, and we can also customize dishes according to your any other specific requirements.
We also give great care to the disposal of wastes as part of our catering services, to make sure that the holy place is devoid of any pollution and does not cause any difficulties to those who use the sites later. We will do everything to maintain the purity and sacredness of this land, and all our catering procedure during Hajj and Umrah is the best example of that versatility.