About Seeneez

Seeneez Hajj and Umrah catering service is established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to provide exceptional catering services to those who comes to this land answering the call of Allah. We are determined to tackle any issues that pilgrims could face with regard to their meals during Hajj and Umrah. We also help them avoid shelling out a huge amount with our affordable and quality food services.

Millions of people from across the globe come to Hajj and Umrah every year, and they all look forward to dishes they are accustomed to in their respective countries. Hajj groups and travel agencies often find it difficult to meet the requirements of large groups with diverse backgrounds when it comes to their food and beverages. We provide healthy and personalized meals that include special meals for diabetic patients. And if you want to add or avoid some ingredients in your food because of illnesses, allergies, or any other reason, we can also customize your dishes accordingly.
Our experience in restaurant and catering business in Makkah and Madinah, and all other key location related to Hajj and Umrah equip us to deliver timely and tasty catering solutions.

Our Vision

Setting an unparalleled professional standard in Hajj and Umrah catering services with quality dishes and prompt delivery.

Our Mission

Providing customized Hajj and Umrah catering services to both individuals, and groups of any size, nationality or ethnicity.

Our Values

Serving with Love
Seeneez believes that serving food is an act of kindness, love and above all a virtuous act in the eyes of Allah. We find that providing satisfaction to our clients is more fulfilling than creating a high turnover. We don't want those, who have sacrificed a lot for the most honourable deed of their life, suffer as to their nourishment during the pilgrimage. We offer you the most cost-effective Hajj and Umrah catering service available in the KSA, complying with the food safety regulations of the authority and in a variety of flavors consistent with your specific needs. Indeed, it's a service that we value greatly and serve with love.

Why Seeneez?

Seeneez Hajj and Umrah catering service give you all the comfort and convenience concerning your food requirements. Breaking new ground in the restaurant and catering business in the KSA, Seeneez can satisfy and surprise you with a host of outstanding services.
Seeneez is a perfect mix of cookery experts, chefs, and quality controllers, carefully chosen to cater to the varying requirements of different nationalities, cultures and communities. We ensure that each and every pilgrim get assisted with their meal requirement at any time of the pilgrimage.